Comprehensive Contact Management

SRGAs need to capture and manage a wide variety of information on association members, media contacts, industry professionals and many other types of contacts.  Command features:

  • Extensive data management for individuals, clubs, facilities, courses and organizations
  • Multiple address, phone and email types
  • Seasonal addresses
  • External image management
  • Social links (e.g. website, facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Association affiliations
  • Committee memberships
  • Subscription management
  • Club and organzation functions
  • Donation management
  • Report generation
  • Volunteer management
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Website integration
  • Auto activate/inactivate emails
  • API

GHIN Integration

Command is designed to integrate with GHIN for member information exchange and championship information

Subscription Management

Staying in contact with association membership and potential members is critical to maintaining a healthy association.  Command manages subscriptions to both physical and digital media.


Donations are the lifebood of a non for profit organization.  Accurately tracking and reporting on donors is a critical component of Command.


One of the main purposes of an SRGA is to create opportunities for individuals to participate in the game of golf.  Command assists the SRGA with full event administration that is not limited to championship events.  Command will manage committee meetings, outings and can be extended to meet the needs of other event types.


No SRGA can operate efficiently without the support of the many volunteers that help with administration and championships.  Command will manage volunteer opportunities connected to any event and allow volunteers to register for specific opportunities.



The Command System has been built with core functionality and the ability to support integrated custom modules.  The donation management system and the event management system were built as modules.  Custom modules can be created to support many other functions that SRGAs need to manage.